Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Log CabinCard

This card was made using a Pyramid decoupage  sheet I made up from a Public domain image

I used the following
1 piece of A4 silver card
Log cabin pyramid sheet
Log cabin backing paper (printed on  6x4  paper)
White border and corner and greeting peel offs
White ribbon with silver edging
3. Silver foil flowers  (2 large 1 small)
7 small clear gems

I printed, cut out and assembled the Log cabin pyramid decoupage
I folded the silver card in half to make an A5 size base card
To each of the four corners I added a white corner peel off and stuck a small clear gem on them
I then stuck the white ribbon across the middle of the card
When the assembled pyramid design was dry (I used silicone glue) I put it on a piece of the backing paper then cut it leaving a border of approx  1cm all around I then stuck white corner and border peel offs to the backing paper
This was then stuck on the white ribbon on the left hand side
I stuck the silver foil flowers on the right side of the ribbon the larger ones on the outsides and the smaller one in the centre  I then added a small clear gem to the centre of each of these
Just below the central flower  I stuck a "With Love" white peel off on the silver base card