Monday, 19 October 2009

Penguin Birthday Card

For this card I used one of the Penguin Numbers decoupage sheets from Free Craft Downloads

I used a blue small DL size card and also used 2 of the Embossed Numbers backing papers
The ones I used were
Pale Yellow
Pale Blue
The Decoupage sheet I chose was Penguin 2 Blue

When I made up the decoupage I put a peel off Gold frame around the first layer and cut around the outer edge then cut out the other pieces and assembled using silicone glue.
While the glue was drying I started on the rest of the card
I cut out the backing papers to the size I wanted and layered them on to the card I coloured a silver Happy Birthday peel off in Blue and stuck that in the left hand corner then added a pale blue ribbon to the right hand corner.
Using PSP I cropped the penguin (layer 3 of the decoupage) and pasted it in a new document I did another and flipped it so I could use them to "hold" the main part of the decoupage (if that makes sense) Then decided to give them balloons to hold so used peel off ones which I coloured blue with a peel off pen

A quick and easy card to make