Thursday, 1 October 2009


I would like to share with you a few things I made using some of the ""Halloween" Papers from Free Craft Downloads and to show that a lot of the papers can be used for other things as well as for making cards with

I made some (Indoor) Halloween Bunting This was quite easy to make and is ideal if Children are having a Halloween party
I used 3 of the Halloween papers (I printed a few sheets of each) - they were
I printed them A4 size on white paper and folded them in half, from each sheet I got 2 Triangles I used the outer corners of the top edge as a guideline then brought them to a point at the centre bottom and cut out.
On the back of the triangles I put a strip of double sided tape then folded down the width of the tape and trimmed off the bits that stuck out
I used some black wool to attach the Triangles on to and removed the double sided tape to stick them down

Food tray
(again ideal if Children are having a Halloween party)
I used the cat_witch_halloween001_ls_l design which I printed on to white card cut a rectangle approx 28cm wide by 18cm high
then scored in approx 3cm from the edges and folded along the score lines then cut from the outer edge to the score line and stuck one side to the other (as if making a box base) These can be filled with a small selection of foods for each child

A gift bag for those "Trick or Treat" Treats
for this I used the cat_halloween002_ls paper and printed it onto a sheet of white card I used a template which I printed on the reverse of the card - cut it out and stuck together for the handle I used one of the strips of the Border sheet bats_halloween001 These can be filled with sweets and given to children as their treat

Paper chains
These were made using the border sheet I cut out the strips made a circle with one then threaded the others through and stuck down these can be used in the same way as the bunting.

"Pumpkin Lollipop"
Just for a bit of fun I printed one of the Pumpkin decoupage sheets as a 5x7 size and made it up just using the first 3 layers then stuck it to the front of a children's lollipop

Door curtain
To make this you will need to print several sheets of the Tbag tiles
I used kaleidoscope_20 and kaleidoscope_30
I used some black wool to hang them from you will need a few lengths of them to go across your door
Cut out the tiles and put 3 pieces of double sided tape on half the amount of tiles (one in the middle and one on each side)
peel the backing off the tape and stick the wool to the middle piece then attach another of the tiles on top lining up as carefully as possible alternate the designs along the wool leaving a gap between each until you have the required length (make as many lengths as required)