Monday, 26 October 2009

Bell Card

If you get the Newsletter from Free Craft Downloads - Last week you will have seen that we are starting to add "Recommended Sets" 
These papers won't be new but will be sets made up from different sections giving you sets of papers that will go nicely together to make a card. (Obviously you don't have to use the recommended papers) but ideal if you don't want to go looking all over the site for papers or want to make a quick card.

  I chose  Bells Set 1  from the Christmas Sets  Section

I printed the  template on a sheet of white card  I then cut out the bell shape,
I printed the backing paper on some white paper then stuck it to the front of the card using double sided tape and again cut out the bell from the centre.

 I printed 2 of the bells pyramid design on A5 size photo paper and made them up
When the silicone glue had dried I  then glued them back to back with a piece of narrow gold ribbon in the middle. ( where there was some small "white bits" showing I just trimmed them )
I glued the ribbon on the top of the bell so the pyramid design was suspended in the aperture I then added a small gold bow over the glue so it wouldn't show.
To the gold ribbon I added some green foil stars and some foil holly leaves & berries to the top 2 corners.
At the bottom of the bell I added 3 gold foil snowflakes