Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Paper Weave Christmas Card

Remember Paper Weaving from your School days
Over under over under.......... under over under over

I thought I would make a Christmas card
I have quite a few "Scraps" of papers so thought I would use some of the strips to do some Paper weaving an ideal way to use your left overs.

I used the Bell front Template (5x7 size)
1 A4 piece of red card (folded in half and cut to 5x7 size)
scraps of Christmas designs papers

There is a good selection of Basic Templates and Christmas papers on Free Craft Downloads if you haven't already seen them or just want to refresh your memory

For my base I just used plain white copier paper you could use card if you wanted in a colour of your choice
The plain copier paper works fine as the strips of paper strengthen it as they are weaved through.
My base was 12cm wide by 14cm high
Leaving a gap of 1cm top and bottom, I cut 1/2cm vertical lines down the width using a craft knife
I cut 1/2 cm strips of the Christmas papers (the ones I chose were red bells and green candy canes) then started weaving them through the base
When I had finished I put a strip of double sided tape around the outer edge so it would stick to the Card
On the red card I placed the bell template so the bell was in the centre on the front and with a pencil faintly drew around the outline of the bell (you could leave the card A4 in size and print the template directly on to it then cut out)
Using a craft knife I cut around the bell then edged the aperture with a gold border peel off
Then peeled off the strip of double sided tape from the paper weaving and fixed it to the bell, if you want to neaten the back up then just put another piece of the same coloured card over it
I also edged the outer edge of the card with one too
In each corner I used some peel off bells and added a Merry Christmas peel off centred near the bottom

And there we have it - My first Christmas card for this year
You could use any of the basic templates and any of the backing paper designs to make similar cards


sonia said...

Lol Janet i remember the paper weaving back in the day, Think i will give this a go tonight try and keep my mind occupied lovely card.