Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Oval Card

A flip card that doesn't flip

To make this card I have used the Oval Flip Card Template from Free Craft Downloads
This time I thought I would show that you can still use these templates even if you don't want the card to "Flip"

I used
Oval Flip Template
Bells 11 Backing Paper
Blue Bells Decoupage
I printed out the template then put it back through the printer to print the Bells 11 design on it
I cut out the Oval shape and around the outer edge of the rectangular bit but left the oval in the centre

Then I only cut out the top half of the oval shape then folded the rectangle in half
It will look like in this picture here on the left

You will see the very faint outline of the oval shape I used this as a guideline to add a silver border peel off around the edge of the oval

I decided to add the inner oval shape with reverse side showing so it was plain white and added a silver border peel off around the edge
To this I added the Bells Decoupage which I had made up

To finish off I added a Happy Anniversary Peel off
and a small peel off flower in the centre at the bottom