Friday, 14 August 2009

Interlocking Thank You Card

I have been having a look through some of the older papers on Free Craft Downloads and "rediscovered" the "Cloth" section There are some really nice papers in there
I chose two of them to make this Interlocking Thank you card

1 sheet of A4 white card
1 sheet of A4 white paper
2 sheets of A5 white card
2 medium size pink gems
6 small size purple gems
Cloth18 backing paper (printed on the white card)
Cloth 10 backing paper (printed on white paper)
Interlocking template (printed in draft on the reverse of the cloth backing paper
Flower1 Purple decoupage Printed on A5 card (2 copies)

I cut out the flowers and assembled them I used 3 layers, when I stuck the layers on I turned them slightly so it looks like the flower has more petals
To the centre I added a pink gem on each of the 2 flowers I made
I then left them to dry while I made the rest of the card
I printed the cloth18 backing on one side of the A4 white card then on the reverse I printed the template in draft and cut around the faint blue lines
I folded along the faint blue dashed lines then to the outer corners I stuck 3 small purple gems on opposite 2 corners I also stuck on the 2 Flowers and edged them with a clear sakura pen for a bit of sparkle
For the inside of the card I printed "cloth10" on the sheet of white paper then put it back through the printer to print the verse on it
I trimmed it to fit the centre of the card and stuck it to the card

The Finished Card