Monday, 1 November 2010

A New Year Card for 2011

This is an easy card to make and very handy to have a couple made up to send out to people you forgot to send a Christmas card to or unexpectedly get a card from

The papers I used to make this card are :-
2011 Template 5x7 size
new_year_08_ls  Backing Paper
new_year_08_l  Backing Paper

 I used a  graphics program to“fill in” the numbers on the template
I wanted the “backing paper” to be on the front only as well as it saving on ink 
When I was happy with it I printed it and cut out the bits inbetween the numbers
If you don’t have / use a graphics program another way to do it is to cut out the unwanted bits between the numbers then stick your chosen backing paper to the front of the card over the numbers then from the back cut around the edges and cut out the unwanted bits between the numbers

On the inside of the card I stuck the lighter backing paper and trimmed the edges You can see this showing through from the front of the card

On the inside I stuck a die cut champagne bottle and glasses
It says “Let’s Celebrate” on the bottle

 To finish off the front of the card I used some wavy edged gold peel offs to outline the numbers (they bend better than the straight ones) and put some along the bottom of the card as well

Your greeting / message can be added to the back of the card

You will find a lot more papers in the New Year section