Monday, 27 September 2010

Christmas Pudding Card

 I used
Christmas Pudding Template
Snowman decoupage
Brown backing paper
Print the Christmas pudding template twice  once on plain white paper and once on white canvas card
Print the snowman decoupage on to glossy photo paper A5 size
I printed out the brown backing paper A5 size as well
Cut out and made up the decoupage then get on with making the card

Using the  template that I printed on canvas I cut around the pudding shape and folded along the straight line
I then used a red sakura gelly roll pen to colour in the holly berries and a green one to colour in the holly leaves

From the paper template I cut out the bottom of the pudding and used it as a template on the brown backing paper and cut around it

This was then stuck to the bottom  of the card

To finish off the card I added the snowman decoupage to the bottom of the pudding

 * As an afterthought I used a white sakura soufflé pen  to put small dots over the bottom of the pudding to look like snowflakes