Monday, 22 February 2010

St David's Day Card

A card for St. Davids Day
March 1st.

Have you ever tried buying a  card for St. David's day? It's near to impossible!
With Backing Papers and decoupage suitable for these cards we have on Free Craft Downloads  you don't have to 
You will be able to make your own
You can find some Welsh Dragon, Daffodil  and Leek decoupage in the Other and Floral sections
Also a Welsh Flag section with backing papers inserts and tags

To make the card I used
A Leek backing paper
Welsh Flag Pyramid decoupage
Daffodil Pyramid decoupage
and Welsh Dragon backing paper

Both the Leek and Welsh Dragon papers were printed A4 size enabling me to use the remainder of them for other cards
The Daffodil pyramid sheet was printed on A5 size paper (2 were needed for this card)

I cut out and assembled the decoupage/pyramid designs and while the silicone was starting to dry I set to work on the base card
I used a 12.7 x 17.8 cm  (5x7ins) size  greeting card  for the base to which I stuck the leek backing paper and trimmed around it
I cut a few strips off the Welsh Flag backing paper and attached double sided tape to the back of them and added these to the outer edge of the card as a border
When the silicone had dried a bit on the decoupage I stuck the Welsh dragon decoupage in the centre of the card and the 2 2daffodil ones to either side of it
From the computer I printed  Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus   - Happy St. David's Day   in both Welsh and English then and stuck them to the card as well

 This is one  of the cards I made for St. David's day last year

Over on Free Craft Stuff we have a Special Occasion section  in that you will find a St. David's Day section with ideas for Crafts / Things to make and do


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