Friday, 5 February 2010

A sad time

Those of you who follow the forum @ Free Craft Downloads will know why I haven't been blogging lately but for those of you who don't  it is because My Mother had been ill and passed away a couple of weeks ago, this was only 4 months after my Dad passing away as well as trying to cope with this  I have been having to sort out their house etc
After this weekend I am hoping to be able to start crafting again something I have missed doing  - at least this is some part of my life that can go back to normal

I don't like to put too many "personal" postings on here I try to keep this just for my crafts but with not putting anything on here for a while I thought it only fair to let you know why
Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully I can have a new project on here next week


sonia said...

Hi Janet Just wanted to say take your time and take it easy ok ? i know and im sure a lot of others will understand what you have been through and we are here for you ok ? give Megan and yourself a huge comforting hug from me and i am thinking of you and your family.. Take care and hugs all round x x x Sonia x x x

sonia said...
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grandmajen said...

Hi Janet

So sad that both your parents are now gone - think of them with happy thoughts - I have certainly missed your blog - it is so entertaining and full of wonderful ideas - my thoughts and love to both you and Megan

Jeanette xxx

Janet said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Jeanette It is really nice to hear that people enjoy what I add on here

I am lucky that I have so many Happy Memories of my parents to look back on