Thursday, 4 December 2008

Just some thoughts

I'm hoping that once I've put my thoughts down and read them back I can come up with what I need
Just a little background info - One of the things I do now is help out at the Sunday School my Daughter has recently started going to I didn't intend doing this I thought I would just take her and then pick her up but I got involved One of the Sunday School Teachers asked if I would like to make some Christmas Cards with the Children and have now been given the "craft" hat to wear,
I am enjoying doing this much more than I thought, Everyone is so friendly, At the moment we are practising our Nativity Play for the Christmas Carol Service and while some are rehearsing others have been making their Christmas cards. The Children have really enjoyed making their cards.

This week I have to come up with a Calender and this is where I'm having a few problems getting it from head to paper The ideas I've had have changed so much this past couple of weeks
When I was trying to think what Theme to use. A friend very kindly suggested the 4 seasons (Thanks Bob) which is a good idea and I was quite happy to go along with as a calender is a year round thing I've come up with some ideas but because of changing time limits the ideas have changed several times Originally we were going to have 2 sessions to make them, they now have to be made start to finish this Sunday in approximately half an hour for 20 Children
1) They have to have A Bible Verse on them (trying to find one suitable for seasons as well)
2) Something suitable for all 4 seasons
3) Somewhere to put a Calender blank
4) Be suitable for children between 4 - 12
5) Be easy enough to do from start to finish in half an hour
6) Be A4 in size

Now I've written that down I'm hoping when I read it back I can come up with something,

Here goes................