Friday, 3 December 2010

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

A good way of using up some pine cones and also a way for the birds to get some food during this awful weather we have been having here lately

I  melted some fat in a container in the microwave 
then Megan added some bird seed and gave it a good stir
She then pushed into all the little compartments of the pine cones
and put on a plate to set
When set we added a ribbon hanger to each one
They will be hung on shrubs and branches in the garden
To enable birds to have a feast


Enda McLarnon said...

Thanks for this post which I found highly informative. I really don't like any type of ground feeder as they do attract rats and mice, so I avoid them. The bitterly cold weather in Ireland at the moment is a real pain. That said, it doesn't take long to get to my various feeders and break up the ice. I use a couple of different feeders, a lard bird feeder and a bird feeder pole. They both work well and attract different species. I also use sunflower seeds and peanuts and they seem to like them a lot.

I am going to buy a solar feeder as the reviews look very good on them and they are an attractive ornament to the garden.

Daniel said...

That's a great little creative bird feeder.