Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Trees Card

I made this Christmas card using some of the new Christmas papers on Free Craft Downloads 
I decided to use the green /gold papers

To  make the card I used Christmas tree paper 03_l set 2    for the base card

I half inverted the design then printed it directly on to an A4 sheet of white glossy card and folded it "Tent Style"
I attached a green ribbon with gold spots on  across the centre of the card
to the left side I added a Merry Christmas greeting from my "bits and pieces" box and to the right side I added a green and gold Christmas star with some green and gold beads on it.

and  for the central Christmas tree I printed a sheet of  Christmas tree paper 03 set 2    again on to some white glossy card
I cut out one of the trees and backed it on to a piece of gold mirri card then cut around the edge to give a gold border then stuck on some gold and green pearl gem.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

More Free Papers to make your Christmas Cards

Lots of New Christmas Papers have been added to Free Craft Downloads  amongst the older papers
Great for those of you who make your own Christmas cards.

and of course when Christmas card making is over there are plenty of other papers there suitable for any occasion

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunflower card

Amongst this weeks papers from Free Craft Downloads were some lovely Sunflower papers

Earlier today whilst sorting out a box of my craft things I came across a Sunflower decoupage that I had made up a while ago  so decided to make a card with it

I used an A4 sheet of white card,
This was folded  in half to make an A5 size card  the front part was then folded back on itself
The backing paper I chose for this card was Sunflower 64 lsl
I stuck a larger piece of it to the back of the card and a smaller piece of it to the front edge
I stuck a narrow piece of Gold mirri card to the inside back then added a strip of dark green / gold edged organza ribbon to it,
I also added some emerald green gems to the ribbon and tied a bow at the top I added a gem to the centre of the ribbon
The sunflower decoupage was mat and layered on yellow card and then on gold mirri card this was then stuck in the centre of the folded back front of the card 

Megans Teddy Card

 Megan used a teddy bear aperture card and added a lilac gingham backing paper behind the aperture.
A pair of wobbly eyes were added along with 2 sequinned buttons and a little peach bow
Inside the card she put a backing sheet with a ladybird on a leaf then added a pink ribbon border  which had little white hand prints on it

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A couple from Megan

Like me Megan hasn't done as much crafting lately, a couple of days ago she decided to make a  card and asked me to put it on here  

She used a blank diamond shaped aperture card, added a pink/white polka dot backing paper behind the aperture, she then stuck some peel off corners on and a little butterfly on the bottom left corner, to finish off she added a pale pink / white polka dot watering can with flowers in

She has also been using the Paddington bear digikits in craft artist (she is really enjoying using craft artist and puts me to shame with it at times )

This was her first effort with the Paddington digikits
I think she did well with it I hope you think so too

Friday, 17 August 2012


It is such a long time since I put anything on here
Without going in to too much detail  I have had Health and Personal problems, my blog has been one thing that has suffered as well
I am aware that most of the links on my blog don't work properly and am in the process of updating them this will take a while but hopefully I will get through them over this next week or two.
When I have the links sorted   Hopefully  I can start adding things on here again

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Christmas Carollers

I have made this set from this weeks papers off Free Craft Downloads
They are the latest in the Character papers featuring Brewster, Beatrice and Bulmer as Carol singers

The papers I used were
Christmas Carollers A6 diy decoupage
Christmas Carollers Pyramid 01
Snow flakes 04
Snow flakes 04 l
I also used
2 sheets of royal blue holographic card
1 x A5 blank greeting card
2 sheets of 350gsm smooth white card
2 sheets of 220gsm white card
2 sheets of 160gsm smooth white paper
5 silver snowflakes
some royal blue ribbon with white spots on

To make these simple gift tags I printed the Carollers A6 diy decoupage sheet on to the sheet of 220gsm white card
Cut them out individually, stuck them on to one of the sheets of royal blue holographic card then cut around them again leaving a border of the blue card. I punched a hole in the top left corner and threaded some of the ribbon through

To make this gift box  I printed the snow flakes 04 backing paper on to the sheets of 350gsm smooth white card I then trimmed them to 18cm square. Using the boxer board from crafters companion I scored each side in at 4.5cm this makes it so much easier as the base  is made from one edge of the score board and then the lid is made from the opposite edge so you don't have to fiddle with measurements or trying to make sure it fits. I cut to where the score lines joined then folded and stuck together

 The bow for the top was made using some scraps of the blue holographic card I cut 6 strips 1cm wide and 6cm long, glued the edges together and trimmed to a point
 These were then stuck to the back of the snowflake as you will see in the picture
When it was dry I just shaped it a bit better,
After I had taken the picture I decided to use a small piece of the card  left over from making the box  folded it in half to make a gift tag, punched a hole in the top left hand corner and threaded some of the blue ribbon through and stuck it to the bottom of the snowflake bow before adding it to the top of the box - this can be seen on the main box picture

To make the card I used an A5 size blank greeting card as my base card, to this I stuck the snowflake 04 backing paper which had been printed on the sheet of 160gsm smooth white paper,  I printed the pyramid sheet on to the other  sheet of 220 gsm white card, cut it out and assembled using silicone glue, when dry this was mat and layered on to snow flake 04 l paper and blue holographic card.I stuck it to the right side of the base card and stuck 3 of the silver snowflakes down the left side of the card.

I chose not to add a Christmas greeting to the front of the card.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Carol singers shaker card

Following on from the previous card 

I sometimes like to use this type of pyramid paper to make shaker cards

To make this one I used
A4 sheet of white hammered card
2 small square pieces of acetate
Snow 2 backing paper
Carol singers pyramid 2
snowman and present embellishments I had in my bits and pieces box
Happy Christmas peel off and some sparkly peel off snowflakes
some fake snow

I  folded the sheet of white card in half and stuck the snow backing paper to it and trimmed the edges
I made the reverse pyramid paper up in the same way as with the previous card but on layer 4 I stuck a piece of acetate to the top of it (so the snow doesn't fall too far down)

 To the back of layer 5 I stuck some foam pads all around the circle so the snow doesn't fall out then stuck it on top of the acetate on layer 4
A piece of acetate was then stuck to the back of layer 6 which would be the top layer then stuck the foam pads around the edge again
I added a small amount of fake snow to the centre of the assembled layers (on top of the acetate on layer 4)  then stuck the top layer down
Give it a shake and it looks like it is snowing on the Carol singers
I stuck it to the bottom right side of the card and stuck the snowman and present to the left side along the bottom I added some more fake snow and at the top left side I added the Happy Christmas peel off then randomly stuck some of the sparkly snowflake peel offs

Brewster the singer

Last weeks papers from  Free Craft Downloads was Brewster the singer
You will find them Here 
If you receive the Newsletter from Free Craft Downloads or are a member of the forum you will know there have been problems with the main gallery this past week and there is a new gallery now - which I'm sure you will find much easier to use  (The majority of the papers are there some of the backing papers are still being uploaded - all papers will be uploaded by the end of this week) 

This is the card I have made using the latest Brewster papers

I chose the Round "Reverse Pyramid" sheet because some people are unsure what they are or how to use them  Sometimes they are also known as "inverted pyramid" papers
This type  of decoupage is quick, easy to cut out and use and is ideal for those who find cutting out more intricate designs too difficult

To make the above card I used
1 sheet  of A4 hammered cream card
1 sheet of white pearl gold shimmer paper
An A4 sheet of blue card
Happy Birthday vertical peel off
Double sided tape
Double sided foam pads
Brewster singer 02
Guitar 06 ls l
music 02 ls l
music 01 ls  (From the teen pop papers)

I folded the A4 hammer card in half to make my base card and on to this I stuck the music 01 ls paper I then cut a piece of the guitar paper and mounted this on to a piece of  thin blue card and stuck it to the left side of the card. I then cut an even smaller piece of the (brewster) music paper and again mounted it on to a thin piece of blue card and stuck it on the guitar paper at an angle

I cut a thin strip of the guitar backing paper, stuck it down the centre of a piece of the thin blue card then added a vertical Happy Birthday peel off
This piece of card was then stuck on the right hand side of the card

 The main image from the reverse pyramid sheet was cut out and mounted on a piece of the blue card and stuck on the music paper. This had been printed on the sheet of A4 white gold shimmer paper - it glistens lovely when it catches the light (difficult to see in a picture)

To use these reverse pyramid sheets  you need to cut out the white centre before layering them up
You will see from this picture how I choose to cut the centre out
I find it easier to use a craft knife and cut from near the outside in to the middle going all around the circle

Here you can see I snipped away the inner part this makes it easier to get the scissors in and doesn't crease your paper / card  then you just cut around the edge of the white circle on all 5 pieces
if you prefer you can just use a craft knife and cut around the edge of the circle  - If I do that sometimes I find I slip a bit with the knife and end up cutting where I don't want to.

After cutting out all the white circles I added foam pads to the back and layered them
You will see when you print out the sheet there are numbers under the parts
you stick
 6 on to 5,   5 on to 4,  4 on to 3,  3 on to 2,  and 2 on to 1

The finished card

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Thanksgiving Napkin Holders / Place Names

This week on Free Craft Downloads  there are some new thanksgiving papers for you

Occasionally I like to make something other than a card with the new papers so this week I came up with the idea of  making some Napkin holders / Place names with a couple of the Decoupage sheets

They were easy to make and the combination of a Napkin holder and Place name card is ideal if table space is limited because  you have either a small table or a table laden with goodies

This is something I will be doing for my Christmas table with some Christmas decoupage papers as I only have a small table

I used thanksgiving_decoupage
and thanksgiving03

These were printed on 350gsm smooth white card A4 size
I also used some gold and silver Capital letter peel offs


I cut the layers out but instead of layering them all up I put a spacer in between the first and second layer.This was a piece of card 6m long by 3cm wide and each end was folded up 1cm. One end was attached to the front of the largest piece of decoupage  and the other was attached to the back of  the second layer with double sided tape so there was a 4cm gap inbetween this is where the folded napkin goes, the rest of the layers then were decoupages on the front.
On the front of the pumpkin one I added a name in gold letter peel offs and on the Turkey one I added a name in silver letter peel offs to the back layer

Monday, 10 October 2011

Bea the witch

Last week Bea the fairy made her debut  on Free Craft Downloads
This week she is all dressed up as a Witch ready for Halloween

I have made two cards using some of the papers

Card 1 
To make this first card I used 
1 5 x 5 inch square white base card 
1 piece of 5 x 5 inch white card
Bea Backing paper 5
Bea Decoupage small
I also used a small black strip of card 
Some gold letter peel offs to spell out Happy Halloween
I printed out a pumpkin picture that I had on my computer as well

I decided to make a 5x5 inch easel card  
I stuck the backing paper to the base of the card and also to the bit that stands up
I cut out and made up the decoupage but decided to cut off the small pumpkin which I kept to one side as it was going to be used elswhere
I cut out the larger pumpkin and stuck it to the piece of white 5x5 card and cut around it 
This was then stuck to the front of the easel  card
When the decoupage had dried I stuck it to the centre of the larger pumpkin and cut out two of the small pumpkins from the decoupage sheet and used them as the stoppers on the main card stuck on with double sided foam pads
Along the bottom of the card I stuck a thin strip of black card and added the letters to say Happy Halloween

Card 2 
To make this second card I used
A white A6 gatefold card
Bea Backing paper 5
Bea pyramid 1

I also used two strips of black card 
Gold letter peel offs to spell out Happy Halloween
I used the other two small pumpkins from the decoupage sheet I used for the first card

I cut out and made up the pyramid sheet - while the sillicone was drying  I stuck some of the backing paper to the central inside part of the card then stuck another  piece to each of the outer sides
I added a thin strip of black card down each of the outer sides of the front of the card  starting at the top left I put the word Happy then at the bottom of the right side of the card I put Halloween then closed the card and added the other two small pumpkins from the decoupage sheet to the centre

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bea makes her d├ębut on Free Craft Downloads

We have a new character on Free Craft Downloads this week
Bea the fairy

I have made a couple of cards using some of the papers

The first one is this one 

I used

Bea decoupage

Bea backing paper

Present backing paper

Flower template  printed on back of one sheet of the fairy backing paper


I also used a small piece of silver metalic card  (5"x7")

Starting with the decoupage I printed it once on a sheet of A4 smooth white paper
I then printed it again on a sheet of A5 smooth white paper
I then mirrored the decoupage and printed it again on another A5 sheet of smooth white paper

The Bea backing paper I printed on two sheets of A4 smooth white card
On the back of one of the sheets I printed the flower template

The present backing paper was printed in draft on A4 white paper  I chose to print  it in draft as I only wanted a pale image to show through the apperture in the inside of the card
I printed the frame on an A5 sheet of smooth white card

To make the card up  I folded one sheet of bea backing paper in half to make an A5 size finished card

 The second sheet I cut out the flower shape from the back of the card then folded it so it would pop out when the card was opened I stuck the faded present sheet to the middle of the main outer card and trimmed the top and bottom
then stuck the folded aperture pop out centre to it

I cut out and made up the two smaller decoupage sheets and stuck them back to back with a piece of silver grey thread between them  so it would hang from the centre of the inside of the card


I suspended the Bea decoupage from the top and stuck it down with a small piece of tape then stuck the two small presents to either side at the bottom of the flower shape


For the front of the card I cut around the frame and cut out the centre then stuck it on to the small sheet of silver metallic card  I cut around the main Bea image on the A4 size backing sheet and stuck it in the centre of the frame


This was then stuck to the centre of the front of the card

 I chose not to add a greeting to the card

The second card is this one

Mirror mirror on the wall ......
Bea fairy card 2
For this card I decided to combine old and new
I used the pink version  of Bea decoupage
present backing paper
the 5x5 square frame resized to 7cm x 7cm
Fairy decoupage
a small piece of silver mirror card
a speech bubble with words mirror mirror on the wall......

 I printed the present backing paper onto a sheet of
 A4 smooth white card and "tent" folded it
I printed both the old and new fairy  decoupage A5 size on white smooth paper
The pink speech bubble on to smooth white paper

I printed the frame on to smooth white card, cut it out and stuck it on to a small piece of silver mirror card
In the centre I stuck the  fairy decoupage (we had quite a while ago on FCD)

This is the finished card
I stuck the small present from the decoupage sheet on to the bottom right side of the card

Again with this card I chose not to add a greeting

Friday, 23 September 2011

A few cards

Just sharing some cards I have made over the past couple of days to use up some bits and pieces

The first one I used  a Mandala design which I shrunk down and printed 3 of them
I was going to colour the mandala images but decided to make a black and white card instead so used a white base card DL size  and layered the mandalas on to black card

This I used up a piece of black and white floral backing paper and a silhouette die cut from way back when which I found in my bits box
I added some black ribbon along the bottom and a white ribbon on the left side of it

This card  used up some lacy backing paper and a floral decoupage I had made up a while ago but not used
along the bottom I added a Happy Birthday and another small floral decoupaged sticker and a cute little ladybird

Monday, 12 September 2011

Teen Pop Cards

Some of this weeks papers on Free Craft Downloads are Teen pop papers

Normally I would not have chosen purple and green together but picked up on the colour of the stage lights in the decoupage sheet and felt on this occasion the colours went well together.

To make the card I used

A4 sheet of ivory hammer effect card
Music 02 backing paper
singer 01 decoupage 
11cm square of green card
7.5 x 21 cm of purple pearlised backing paper
4 small strips of purple pearlised paper 1/2 cm wide x 8cm long
2 small green brads
2 x 5mm self adhesive gems
double sided adhesive tape
silicone glue
Clear sakura pen

I folded the sheet of card in half to make an A5 size card
the "front" of the card I folded back on itself (so the inside becomes the outside)
To this I stuck the purple pearlised paper (trim edges if necessary)
on the inside of the card I stuck the music backing paper

I cut out and assembled the decoupage sheet then when dry I stuck it to the centre of the green card
using the clear sakura pen I coloured in the lights at the front of the stage and some highlights in the "singers" hair so they sparkle when they catch the light

To make the "flowers" I used 4 small thin strips of purple paper all you need to do to make these is to make a circle with each strip and glue, when dry flatten down
make a hole assemble as shown in picture then make a hole right through the centre of them and use the brad to secure them you could leave them like that but I chose to add a green gem to the centre
These were then stuck to the top and bottom right hand side of the music backing paper

These little flowers look nice made into inexpensive bows for gifts you could make in 2 / 3 different sizes / colours then open out the petals and assemble - larger one on the bottom and smallest one on the top - ideal for using up scraps of paper. They can be made from ribbon as well

The main picture was then stuck down on the left hand side only on the purple pearl paper.

Megans Teen Pop Card

Megan decided she would like to make a card from one of this weeks papers so she used the saxophone player decoupage
She folded the base card in the same way that I did mine then cut out the decoupage sheet and used foam pads to layer it up
Instead of using pearl paper Megan decided to use some purple foam then stuck the decoupage to this
She also decided to use 2 small rectangles of mulberry paper in a mustard colour (to go with the saxophone)
Then on these she stuck two mini mandala images I printed  and she coloured in
On the left hand side she stuck 3 flower peel offs which she coloured the centres in a deep purple
A Happy Birthday peel off was used in the top right corner of the decoupage
Because the front of the card was quite colourful she decided to leave the inside of the card plain

Mini Mandala Card

In my crafting I like using mandalas either to glass paint or shrink down and use like digi stamps on my cards
I also find them quite therapeutic to just colour in / paint

The card pictured below  I  made using a Mandala image which I shrunk down to a 5cm diameter 

I printed the images onto a smooth white card and used three images to make this card
I coloured them using sakura gelly roll pens I did try water colour paints but was not happy with the effect

I used a DL size green base card and coloured the image in red and green and used some red pearl gems in opposite corners I used foam pads to stick them to the base card and raise them slightly

I know there is a saying "red and green should never be seen but I liked it on this card

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Glass painted Tiger

I haven't had much time to do any crafting for myself lately but one of the things I have done is this

I really like Tigers and have a favourite image of one in tribal flames
it's the sort of design I would like to have on the front of  a car IF I had the right sort of car to put  it on

I decided instead that I would glass paint the image and have it in a picture frame
It took two attempts - for now I have just put it on a clip frame back until I find the right frame for it

I used solvent based glass paints for this project and just added a gold peel off border to take the plainness off the clip frame until I find the frame I want to put it in